Friday, December 1, 2023

Putin Signs Decree Ordering The Russian Military To Boost Its Troop Numbers By 170,000

New soldiers attend an oath-taking ceremony at Novosibirsk's 39th Guards Rocket Division. Kirill Kukhmar / TASS 

Reuters: Russia increases maximum size of armed forces by 170,000 servicemen 

(Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to increase the maximum number of servicemen in the Russian armed forces by 170,000 people, the Kremlin and the Defence Ministry said on Friday. According to the document, the regular strength of the armed forces is now set at 1,320,000 servicemen. 

"The increase in the full-time strength of the armed forces is due to the growing threats to our country associated with the special military operation and the ongoing expansion of NATO," the Russian defence ministry said. 

The ministry also said that the increase in the number of servicemen is due to the recruitment of contract personnel, and the military has no plans to significantly increase conscription or carry out a new wave of mobilisation.  

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Putin Signs Decree Ordering The Russian Military To Boost Its Troop Numbers By 170,000  

Ukraine war: Putin to boost Russian troop numbers by 15% -- BBC  

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Putin signs decree boosting Russia's troop numbers by 15 percent -- France 24


Anonymous said...

Patriots are signing up. One thing Biden has done in three years is prove to Russia that we mean harm. The Biden administration has done more damage to the United States in three years than any other administration in its entirety in our history. Am I wrong?

Hans Persson said...


Anonymous said...

Patriots?, you mean desperates that would do anything to put potatoes and cabbage on the table

Anonymous said...

yes. you are not just wrong but not very bright. Make an assertion? then give facts, and evidence to support what you say.

Anonymous said...

There is no Biden administration.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine severely damages Russian rail lines to/from China and North Korea

Mr Nobody said...

Hate to say it, but a smart move on the russians part. Considering the unstable situation in Dc with Mr Biden being mentally challenged and the NEOCONs at the helm, this is a wise move. Why?

Because we just do not know how the end game to this war is going to pan out. NATO sends in troops? Polish "volunteers" enter the fray? No intervention at all?

We just do know what may happen and neither do the russians. So to be on the safe side, boosting your army is the smart move.

Anonymous said...

Russian police continue to raid companies, pulling men under 30 directly from work to military recruiting.

This morning, an office of Wildberries (russian version of Amazon) yielded 10 more to absorb Ukrainian artillery.

Anonymous said...

Notable people associated with neoconservatism

Not seeing a lot of people holding political office or in the Biden administration, who are neocons

Mr. Nobody is the same troll that use to spam the word BLOB in every post. It wasn't working, so he created the warm & fuzzy, folksy "Mr. Nobody" sock puppet.

Fun fact: Mr. Nobody is such a wretched asshole, he has more than one sphincter! What is god telling us about him!

Ron said...

Russia increasing its military abilities is either a sign of Russia not doing well in Ukraine or it recognizes the ill intent coming from DC and UK. Or, Moscow has designs on other eastern European countries. (I do not think this last reason is why but time will tell)

Anonymous said...

24 Russian soldiers in Crimea meet tragic end after being served tainted food & vodka

Two seemingly kindhearted women in Crimea greeted Russian soldiers with food and vodka. The unsuspecting soldiers, who had occupied the peninsula a decade ago with the intent of bonding with the locals and "liberating it from the yoke of Kyiv," accepted their generous offer with delight. Unbeknownst to them, the women had laced their food with arsenic. The fatal meal has resulted in 24 dead soldiers, and the women have since vanished without a trace.

Similar tragedies have occurred since the onset of the war, but it seems Russian soldiers fail to learn from their colleague's misfortunes in other units on the Ukrainian front. Incidents of poisonings and guerrilla attacks have been reported in Melitopol, Mariupol, and Luhansk, and now soldiers in Crimea have fallen to the deceptive hospitality of locals. This particular incident happened in Simferopol, home to the military base of the invaders.

The tragic event unfolded when two young women arrived at the base, bearing gifts of food and vodka for the soldiers. Could there be a better sign of goodwill and hospitality? Taking pleasure in the gesture, the unsuspecting Russians, who had been anticipating such tokens of kindness since the war’s start, heartily partook. In the aftermath, 24 soldiers have now died, and another 11 are in the hospital.

It has come to light that the entire incident was orchestrated by guerrillas operating in Crimea. The Russian soldiers, who have been stationed here since 2014 and who had annexed the peninsula from Ukraine, met with a grim fate. The seemingly kind women had added a lethal dose of arsenic to the food, resulting in the death of multiple soldiers. Their fate serves as a grim reminder for the invaders about the reality of hospitality in enemy territory.

The Ukrainians continue to assert that Crimea belongs to them, and are determined to reclaim it after a decade of futile attempts.

The iron-fisted rule of the Russians has instilled fear among the locals on the peninsula, however, this incident has taught them a hard lesson. Ukrainians have been resisting in myriad ways, with this latest action regarded as a masterstroke. The instigators disappeared without a trace. The invaders continue to bear heavy losses, and it is likely this is just the beginning – local florals aren’t the greeting they should anticipate…

Ukrainian resistance movements developed in the occupied territories continued to shock the Russians. Despite scarce supplies and equipment, the Russian soldiers still accept food and celebrate local hospitality. Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and gaming consoles have run out. Local delicacies like pierogi, solyanka, or homemade moonshine seem sufficient to tempt them.

The food is often laced with harmful substances such as rat poison, toxic chemicals, or even hidden needles, unbeknownst to the Russian soldiers. Their drinks are also cleverly spiked. The local partisans are clandestinely active, capable of unexpected attacks, targeting officers, collaborators, and those who represent Moscow's authority. or even common soldiers.,6969390286059137a

Anonymous said...

Poisoners are an evil lot. They rely on friendship and familiarity as a rule to gain access to their victims. I am sure you also agree with Budanov's wife being poisoned also?
A poisoner is a criminal under the laws of land warfare. If caught, the should be hanged after the trial, if they are found guilty.

You are a sicko if you think this is ok.

Anonymous said...

Did I indicate anything about it being OK? Just posting a news article about the war FYI. So fuck off with your assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Then why did you not report the budanov situation

Anonymous said...

The did not have to report the budanov situation, since WNU did.

Anonymous said...

"Poisoners are an evil lot.

You are a sicko if you think this is ok."

Before Navalny, a long history of Russian poisonings

"Poison has long been a weapon of the Russian security services"

Russian troll upset that people attacked by Russians take a page out of their playbook.

Anonymous said...

"There is no Biden administration."

ok. then don't expect a social security check
Trump will send you moneuy

Anonymous said...

Skods. Get to see you here too. Isn't great!!

So you like poison?

Not me , I think it is over the top. You really do not like ole nobody up there do you? Yes a pretty serious guy. But what about blob?

Blob , Such a nice name. Fits a lot of things. How about mass dufus syndrome instead? we could shorten it by just saying MDS . You know like the swamp ole Donny talks about.

What do you think?
Ukraine will be defeated.

Anonymous said...

Russia continues to stamp out liberties and rights of those they deem undesirable. Becoming more like North Korea every day and more like the old Soviet Union.

Anonymous said...


This has to be Mr fair and balanced.

So you want perverts to roam the streets and give hormone blockers to kids? And how about the book. "Isn't so nice grandpa is an accepted wierdo".

In the grade school library?

Skods, I told you this guy was a purpled hair nut case.

Ukraine will be defeated.

Anonymous said...

hear you go 341 ...fixed it for you.

Russia continues to uphold traditional christian moral values. It does not allow its self to be weakened and demoralized by the bizarre and perverted thinking of those who are undesirable.

They have become what the United States was in the 1950's. A nation defending itself from a goddess, degenerate ,criminal, tyrannical wokist progressive aggressor. Who would drown the whole world with its evil philosophical abominations.

Russia is now a country proud of its heritage, sure in its moral strength, and unified with purpose and hope of a brighter future. It has become a beacon of virtuous light in a darkening world, and while not perfect, it moves forward each day with gratitude and humility under the protective eye of a merciful God.

Anonymous said...


Buddy, you just summed up a third to half of the US military, and I can attest to that. Look up how many soldiers are on food stamps in the US military.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm l see the reverend Jim Jones had some kool Aid left over, drink up lad , drink more

Anonymous said...

Now tell us what happens in Pennsylvania when you misgender someone