Friday, January 19, 2024

North Korea Says It Tested A Nuclear-Capable Underwater Attack Drone

North Korean state media published these images of the "underwater nuclear system" when the drones were revealed last April

BBC: N Korea conducts 'underwater nuclear weapons system' test - state media 

North Korea says it has carried out a test of its "underwater nuclear weapons system" in response to drills by the US, South Korea and Japan this week. 

The underwater drone, which supposedly can carry a nuclear weapon, was tested off the east coast, state media said. 

There is no other evidence of the tests being conducted and Seoul had earlier said the North's descriptions of the drones' capability were exaggerated. 

South Korea called the reported tests a "provocation". It "threatens peace on [the] Korean Peninsula and the world," the South Korea's defence ministry said, adding:

"If North Korea directly provokes us, we will respond in an overwhelming manner following the principle of immediate, strong, and terminal action."  

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WNU editor: It is belevied that this was the device that was tested .... What Is HAEIL-5-23? North Korea's Underwater Nuke System Test Raises Alarm (Newsweek). More here .... Haeil-5-23 Nuclear Bomb Drone: North Korea's 'Sneak Attack' Weapon (National Interest). 

North Korea Says It Tested A Nuclear-Capable Underwater Attack Drone  

North Korea says it tested a nuclear-capable underwater drone in response to rivals’ naval drills -- AP  

North Korea says it has tested another underwater nuclear drone -- Washington Post 

North Korea claims it tested 'underwater nuclear weapon system' -- France 24  

North Korea says it has tested an underwater nuclear attack drone -- PA Media  

North Korea claims it tested nuclear-capable underwater drone capable of destroying naval vessels and ports -- FOX News  

North Korea conducts test of underwater nuclear weapon system: KCNA -- ABC News

North Korea claims to test underwater nuclear-capable drone after US, South Korea and Japan show off naval might -- CNN 

North Korea says it tested underwater nuclear attack drone -- The Hill


Anonymous said...

Senior Lieutenant Крикус Игорь (Krikus Igor) from Sevastopol, occupied Crimea, graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum at National Research Nuclear University (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) and was eliminated in Ukraine on 4 January ’24.

God Damn Putin

and God Damn the blogger and Skods

Anonymous said...

VIDEO: Chinese man who voluntarily signed up to join the Russian army and travel to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians now wants to leave and thinks he’s going to die

Regrets, regrets, regrets

China needs workers now more than ever, so how did it come to this?

Anonymous said...


quit faking it. Your bizarre ramblings show nothing but hate and disdain for the Russians. This war is a bunch of crap and I have said numerous times on this blog there is one entity to blame for all this killing and that is the blob neocon cabal in DC that controls US Foreign policy.

But you skods, you could care less. All you do is lie.

Anonymous said...

US aircraft carrier killer.

Anonymous said...

I hate how much the comments section is infected with Ukraine war dorks. Newsflash there are other issues on the planet. If India and Pakistan nuked each other triggering a domino effect would you still comment about this or that guy that died in Ukraine?

Anonymous said...

There were 3,412 names on that list as of a week or two ago. There are more now. Pretty hard for Rus-bots to argue Russia has low casualties, when you can name names.

Those are of the officers.

RO-37 recounted how Russia is sucking wind on IFVs.

There are names for enlisted to. Overall there are at least 41,000 names.

Given names you can estimate casualties with more certainty.

Have seen casualty rate broken down by contract mobik and prisoners. Overall casualties are not down but those of prisoners are. Guess the prisoners do not believe the lies.

Of course the Russian authorities are abusing the prisoners by turning off heat during the Siberian winter. a few will perish a few will join, but most will be sullen. Many of those sullen ones will eventually be released.

Pro tip: Don't abuse people if you are going to release them.

Pro tip: Do not cry about too few babies and then make criminals out of people and remove them from society losing their productivity.