Friday, October 30, 2009

Commentaries, Opinions, And Editorials -- October 30, 2009

Iran nuclear power center. (Photo from San Francisco Sentinel)

Tehran Rejects Nuclear Accord, Officials Report -- David E. Sanger, Steven Erlanger and Robert F. Worth, New York Times

WASHINGTON — Iran told the United Nations nuclear watchdog on Thursday that it would not accept a plan its negotiators agreed to last week to send its stockpile of uranium out of the country, according to diplomats in Europe and American officials briefed on Iran’s response.

The apparent rejection of the deal could unwind President Obama’s effort to buy time to resolve the nuclear standoff.

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Commentaries, Opinions, And Editorials

The Return of Israel's Existential Dread -- Yossi Klein Halevi, Wall Street Journal

Obama Should Reject Iran's Offer -- Meir Javedanfar, RealClearWorld

Hopes of restarting Middle East peace process look like a mirage -- Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph

Coming to Terms with Resurgent Taliban -- C.R. Gharekhan, The Hindu

Afghanistan Needs More Troops -- David Ignatius, Real Clear World/Washington Post

What we can achieve in Afghanistan -- Robert Zoellick, Washington Post

Waiting for Obama to Get Down to War -- Greg Sheridan, Real Clear World/The Australian

Muddled Thinking on Afghanistan -- Washington Times editorial

Many What-ifs In Pakistan -- Gautam Adhikari, Times of India

Why Colombia's Leftist Guerrillas Are Defecting -- John Otis, Time

Shortages eroding Hugo Chávez's support
-- Phil Gunson, Miami Herald

Humiliating Japan -- Gordon Chang, Forbes

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