Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peace Accord Signed For Eastern Congo

From Yahoo News:

GOMA, Congo - Years of fighting in Congo's restive east ended — on paper at least — Wednesday as warlords and militia fighters signed a long-awaited peace accord with the government of this huge Central African country.

The deal commits all sides to an immediate cease-fire, followed by a pullback of fighters from key areas that will become a U.N.-patrolled buffer zone, said Vital Kamerhe, a government spokesman for the talks.

Observers praised the deal but said fulfilling it would be long and difficult work, with many details yet undecided.

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From CNN: 5M Dead As Congo Peace Deal Signed

From Internatinal Herald Tribune: Congo's Death Rate Unchanged Since War Ended

My Comment: There are so many details to work out. So many deaths after so many years. And in the end .... what was gained? African tribalism, hate, greed, corruption .... this region of Congo perfectly illustrates all the problems of Africa today.

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