Thursday, January 24, 2008

Afghanistan War Is Heading the Wrong Direction -- White House Coordinator

From the Times Online:

Iraq may turn out to be America’s “good war” while Afghanistan goes “bad”, the Bush Administration official responsible for co-ordinating efforts in Baghdad has told The Times.

For years Iraq appeared to be a country spiralling deeper into violence and anarchy with no end in sight to the war, while Afghanistan boasted a popular president, a stable capital city and an insurgency that was no match for US and Nato forces.

According to David Satterfield, America's Co-ordinator for Iraq, the roles may have now been reversed, with violence dropping markedly in Iraq, the economy improving and the first signs of real political progress between rival sectarian and ethnic groups.

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My Comment: A realistic view on the growing problems of Afghanistan. While the problem with the Taliban is known, disunity and lack of will among NATO allies to confront the real security problems of Afghanistan has not received the attention that it should. This article is a start.

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