Sunday, February 10, 2008

Afghanistan War News Updates -- February 11, 2008

Gates: NATO Survival At Stake In Afghanistan -- MSNBC

Gates Is Right About NATO's Counterinsurgency Deficiencies -- Threatswatch

US Warns Failure In Afghanistan Is A Threat To Europe -- Yahoo News

US Warning On Nato's Afghan Role -- BBC News

Norway Closes Embassy In Afghan Capital -- MSNBC

The $9 Billion Spring Offensive -- Aby Muqawama

McCain Wants More EU Troops For Afghanistan -- Telegraph

All-Clear For Afghan Combat Video Diaries -- The Guardian

Good Books: Afghan Campaign, Rifleman Dodd -- Kings Of War

My Comment: Now entering the seventh year, most NATO members are now beginning to realize that this is a long term commitment that will need NATO participation (both combat and reconstruction) for the next 10 to 20 years (minimum).

This realization is now beginning to give many members cold feet. Like Iraq, an evaluation is now needed on what needs to be done to take the upper hand again.

This winter has been a bitter and cold one in much of Afghanistan. Fighting has all but the disappeared, with many Taliban staying at home or in Pakistan. How the west will respond when the snow melts in the next two months will dictate how long we will be staying in that country.

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