Sunday, February 10, 2008

Iraq War News Updates -- February 10, 2008

More Than 50 Killed In Iraq -- Yahoo News

Series Of Iraq Attacks Mark Bloody Sunday -- CBS News

More Than 50 Killed In Iraq -- Newsweek

Car Bomb In Balad Kills 23, U.S. Military Says -- MSNBC

The Diary Of An Insurgent In Retreat -- MSNBC

Diary Of Defeat -- Commentary From Tigerhawk

Insurgent Diaries ... And The IO Campaign -- Abu Muqawama

al-Qaeda On Last Legs In Iraq According To AQ Documents -- Strata-Sphere

Al Qaeda In Iraq Under Pressure In Balad, Anbar -- Long War journal

Gates: Iraqis Showing Signs of Progress -- U.S. News And World Report

The Link Between Security and Identity in Iraq -- Threatswatch

Look What Made The News -- Iraq Pundit

Murder or Exhaustion in Iraq? -- Time Magazine

U.S. Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning -- International Herald Tribune

US Military Deaths In Iraq At 3,959 -- Yahoo News

My Comment: Sunday, February 10, 2008 was a bloody day in Iraq. Over 50 killed, many wounded. While the direction for this scale of violence is downward, it will still happen. The next few months will prove critical for Iraqi reconcialition and compromise.

Trouble spots will be in the north with the Kurds demanding more autonomy .... and Turkish concerns over this development, Shiite and Sunni animosity, Al Qaeda and its few remaining units, and political obstruction and intolerance for compromise on the federal level.

The direction of the U.S. Presidential election is also important. Any scrap of hope for a quick American departure can only embolden groups like Al Qaeda in Iraq, Bathists, and foreign elements.

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