Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Commentaries And Opinions -- May 27, 2008

How Bush Sold the War by Douglas J. Feith
Selling the Iraq war and chewing gum at the same time -- Protein Wisdom
Iraq Rising By Jacob Laksin -- Front Page
Is Sistani Promoting Attacks on Coalition Forces? -- Weekly Standard
Does Doug Feith understand StratComm better than Hassan Nasrallah? -- Abu Muqawama
Guerrilla diplomacy (Venezuela) -- Financial Times
The lessons of Colombia by Thomas Lifson, American Thinker
A homemade peace in the Mideast -- By Barbara Slavin, L.A. Times
Terrorist funding strings irk officials -- U.P.I.
The Rebellion Within, An Al Qaeda mastermind questions terrorism. -- New Yorker
When the Founding Fathers Faced Islamists by Michael Weiss, Pajamas Media
Why the Mullahs Will Keep on Fighting Us — and Destroying Iran -- Pajamas Media
al Qaeda fights the US and helps defeat themselves -- Protein Wisdom
Dealing With The Devil: Pakistan and the Taliban by Strategy Page
An Exurban Memorial Day by John Steele Gordon, Commentary Magazine

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