Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Todays Links -- May 27, 2008

As a gesture of good faith to the U.N. and the aid agencies that will now be coming in to help the victims of last months cyclone, the Myanmar junta has decided to extend Suu Kyi house arrest. The U.S. agrees.

With the Olympics only a few months away, and sensitive to the pressure that could (or is) being put on them, China urges progress in North Korea talks. South Korea has one more reason for the North to change its ways.

In Zimbabwe, Mugabe's thugs are starting their campaign of intimidation and murder.
While off Somalia it is business as usual .... proving that if you pay off kidnappers, they just come back for more. And with everything under control in South Africa, Mbeki decides to go to Asia .... but things are not under control.

Why is Israel talking to its enemies?

China wants only one thing from the Russians.

An international example of the mouse that roared at the Big Bad Bear.

Iran's new conservative-dominated parliament opens, while the IAEA watchdog if telling everyone that Iran is not cooperating. More from The New York Times. Instapundit makes a good point. This is one group that Iran is openly cooperating with.

The army in Venezuela is changing, and the Venezuelan Government is also going after its youth.

Another summit on the world's food crisis. Egypt is one of many countries suffering from this food shock.

The Taliban is getting ready to open a YouTube type of website. In the meantime the real YouTube is being sued.

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