Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peace Between China And Taiwan?

From The Telegraph:

China and its arch-rival Taiwan sealed a year of reconciliation with the highest-level official meeting between the two sides since they were split by civil war more than half a century ago.

China's President Hu Jintao welcomed Wu Poh-hsiung, the chairman of the Kuomintang, Taiwan's ruling party, in the Great Hall of the People in a ceremony filmed live on television.

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My Comment: This is big. In Asia, the border between North and South Korea and the "border" between Taiwan and China (Taiwan Straits) are the two regions where a super power confrontation can quickly take place. The expenditure in military equipment, manpower, readiness, and planning makes all other regions of the world small and petty in comparison. A war in this part of the world would also make the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan puny in comparison.

The question that is being asked is ..... will something good come out of this. I believe that it will. Asia as a whole is now in a rush to be the economic super power in the world. This is their priority. The peoples in this region want what we in the West take for granted. Conflicts that have been around for 60 years is not in everyone's priority list. With each succeeding generation the priorities are evolving from political to economic and social. This meeting is the first of many.

Will Taiwan and China ever join together. The answer is yes. But maybe not in my lifetime.

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