Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mexico's Drug Wars

From The International Herald Tribune:

MEXICO CITY: The assassination was an inside job. The federal police commander kept his schedule secret and slept in a different place each night, yet the killer had the keys to the official's apartment and was waiting for him when he arrived after midnight.

When the commander, Commissioner Édgar Millán Gómez, the acting chief of the federal police, died with eight bullets in his chest on May 8, it sent chills through a force that had increasingly found itself a target.

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My Comment: Billions of dollars and a culture of corruption with no respect for human life .... this is the situation on the Mexican side of the U.S./Mexican border. The more that this war continues, the more that the bloodshed will increase. But this is a war that must go on. Unfortunately ..... until the drug culture changes in the U.S. .... this is America's long war.

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