Friday, June 27, 2008

High-Tech Combat Equipment Expedited For Use In Iraq

A Shadow UAV is launched from its new site at COB Speicher Sept.19. The aircraft will reach a speed of 70mph in .9 seconds before leaving the launch ramp Photo:Pfc. Durwood Blackmon, 25th Infantry

From The Washington Post:

WASHINGTON -- The Army will deliver some key technologies to ground forces in war zones three years ahead of schedule as part of its $160 billion combat modernization program led by Boeing and SAIC.

Senior Army officials said Thursday that changes to the Future Combat Systems program will expedite the use of high-tech equipment, including unmanned sensors and robotics, to infantry brigades fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan by 2011.

Portions of the program were expected to be used by armored units by 2014, but Army officials say the technology is needed for the current war effort.

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My Comment: This is obviously Defense Secretary Robert Gates doing. Instead of debating and focusing one's time on big budget items for projects such as F-22 squadrons, Air-Craft Carrier groups, and Anti-Missile Defense projects .... the focus instead should be on providing as quickly as possible the proper equipment to the troops on the ground who are fighting and dying in America's wars today.

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