Monday, June 30, 2008

Iraq War News Updates -- June 30, 2008

From The Long War Journal:

Iraqi Security Forces Five Year Plan: An updated projection

n August 2007, the Projected Iraqi Security Forces Five Year Plan (end-2012), a rough estimate of the end-state for Iraqi forces, was published. Additional information and details have since become available to clarify Iraqi Security Force (ISF) development and probable plans, however, the same rule applies: What follows is heavy on speculation, estimation, and extrapolations. If sixty percent proves accurate, the estimate will be considered good. Many of the decisions that affect what is being projected here have not been made yet.

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More News On Iraq:
US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,113 -- Yahoo News
US Ambassador Says More Talks Possible With Iran on Iraq -- Voice Of America
Five Iraqi Judges Escape Baghdad Bombs -- ABC News
Wave of attacks threaten Iraqi judges -- Yahoo News
Program in Iraq against al-Qaida faces uncertainty -- Yahoo News
Car bomb kills seven Iraqi policemen -- Daily Times
Basra intel. chief assassinated -- Aswat Aliraq
Iraqi tribesmen preparing for life without U.S. aid -- Newsok
Six more combat units to head to Iraq: Pentagon -- Yahoo News
U.S. transfers first 1,000 of 8,000 humvees to Iraqi forces -- World Tribune
Iraqis: 43% say Iraq is going well while 17% of americans say USA on right track -- The Next Big Future
The Secret American Army -- Strategy Page
Army study: Iraq occupation was understaffed -- Newsweek
Iraq seeking help to develop oil -- BBC
U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals -- New York Times
British and US companies win Iraq oil contracts -- The Guardian

My Comment: Afghanistan has suffered more coalition casualties than Iraq for the second month in a row. I guess that sums up the differences between these two wars now.

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