Monday, June 30, 2008

Afghanistan War News Updates -- June 30, 2008

Afghanistan War Relic

From Yahoo News:

KABUL, Afghanistan - Militants killed more U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan in June than in Iraq for the second straight month, a grim milestone capping a run of headline-grabbing insurgent attacks that analysts say underscore the Taliban's growing strength.

The fundamentalist militia in June staged a sophisticated jailbreak that freed 886 prisoners, then briefly infiltrated a strategic valley outside Kandahar. Last week, a Pentagon report forecast the Taliban would maintain or increase its pace of attacks, which are already up 40 percent this year from 2007 where U.S. troops operate along the Pakistan border.

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News on Aghanistan From Other Sources:
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US-led, Afghan forces kill 33 militants: Afghan officials -- Yahoo News
28 militants are killed in southern Afghanistan -- Yahoo News
UN figures reveal 62% rise in Afghan civilian deaths -- Guardian
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Pak militant havens biggest threat to Afghanistan: NATO -- Daily Times
Taliban aims to control rural phones -- Washington Times
‘Taliban unable to expand insurgency in Afghanistan’ -- Daily Times
British death toll in Afghanistan nears record high -- Telegraph
Germany to Boost Afghan Troops by 1,000 -- ABC News
In Afghanistan, the NATO-led Force is 'Underresourced' For the Fight Against the Taliban -- U.S. News And World Report
Years of Hardship Take a Toll on Families in Afghanistan -- U.S. News And World Report

My Comment: All the focus is now on Pakistan and its Taliban sanctuaries.

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