Friday, August 8, 2008

2 US Aircraft Carriers Headed For Gulf

From The Jerusalem Post:

Two additional United States naval aircraft carriers are heading to the Gulf and the Red Sea, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Kuwait Times.

Kuwait began finalizing its "emergency war plan" on being told the vessels were bound for the region.

The US Navy would neither confirm nor deny that carriers were en route. US Fifth Fleet Combined Maritime Command located in Bahrain said it could not comment due to what a spokesman termed "force-protection policy."

While the Kuwaiti daily did not name the ships it believed were heading for the Middle East, The Media Line's defense analyst said they could be the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Ronald Reagan.

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My Comment: I mentioned a month ago that pressure for an attack on Iran will be taken serious once the proper assets are in the field. I was speculating that for an attack on Iran to be successful one would need at least 4 - 6 carrier groups, and the soldiers that are in Iraq must still remain in the country.

Cough cough cough ..... 4 carrier groups in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf within the next few weeks, marines to stay put in Afghanistan with additional support in the next few months, and Iraq will have a huge American Army presence in their country for he next 12 - 14 months..

The U.S. and their allies are positioning their assets for an attack on Iran.

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