Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beholden to the uniforms to stay in power ... a policeman beats a lawyer during a protest in Islamabad. Photo: AP

Pakistan's Main Intel Agency Names New Chief -- Newsweek

US expected to closely scrutinize new chief of Pakistan's powerful intelligence agency

(ISLAMABAD, Pakistan) The new chief of Pakistan's main intelligence service will surely be scrutinized by American officials who have questioned the powerful spy agency's loyalties in the war on terror.

The appointment of Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shujaa Pasha as head of Inter-Services Intelligence was among several changes in what appeared to be a major shake up of the military leadership.

In his most recent capacity as director general of military operations, Pasha oversaw military offensives against insurgents in the nuclear-armed nation's restive northwest.

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My Comment: The new government in Pakistan are now placing people from the previous administration by people that are loyal to them. In the case of Pakistan's Intelligence Agencies, this change of leadership is important. The ISI has been continuously condemned as a rogue agency functioning in opposition to the wishes of the Central Government. The Agency has also been condemned by the U.S. as an organization that has been completely infiltrated by supporters of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Seeing the man responsible for this mess being fired is a positive development.

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