Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Peace Feelers From The Taliban

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Or We Shall Taunt You A Second Time -- Threatswatch

While stopping short of making light of an un-light situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the title above was an initial reaction to Mullah Omar’s retreat offer, which warned America that it will suffer the same demoralizing fate as the Soviet Union before us.

“I say to the invaders: if you leave our country, we will provide you the safe context to do so,” Omar said in the statement marking the Muslim festival of Eid-al-Fitr. “If you insist on your invasion, you will be defeated like the Russians before you.”

The situation in Afghanistan has been trending toward difficulty, but never flirting with loss or capitulation. This is, keep in mind, the same warning issued in October of 2001. One distinct difference is that the warning is being issued not from Kabul, but across the border in Pakistan where Mullah Omar stands a chance of avoiding the pre-mature collection of his 72 virgins. And recall that in 2001, his warnings were echoed by the faithless in America who warned breathlessly of ‘quagmire’ and a ‘new Vietnam.’ Long? Yes. Difficult? Yes. Quagmire? No.

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My Comment: The post from Threatswatch summarizes my feelings also. 2008 is not the same as 1988 when war and killing was occurring on a massive scale between Soviet and Afghan combatants.

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