Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mysterious Cargo Aboard Iranian Ship Seized By Pirates Raises WMD Concerns

The cargo ship MV Iran Deyanat, that was taken by Somali pirates last month.

From FOX News:

As Somali pirates brazenly maintain their standoff with American warships off the coast of Africa, the cargo aboard one Iranian ship they commandeered is raising concerns that it may contain materials that can be used for chemical or biological weapons.

Some local officials suspect that instead of finding riches, the pirates encountered deadly chemical agents aboard the Iranian vessel.

On Aug. 21, the pirates, armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, stole onto the decks of the merchant vessel Iran Deyanat.

They ransacked the ship and searched the containers. But in the days following the hijacking, a number of them fell ill and died, suffering skin burns and hair loss, according to reports.

The pirates were sickened because of their contact with the seized cargo, according to Hassan Osman, the Somali minister of Minerals and Oil, who met with the pirates to facilitate negotiations.

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My Comment: I have no sympathy for pirates. But the fact that such a cargo exists makes one wonder what else is being transported .... and why.

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