Monday, September 29, 2008

The Pakistan “Awakening” Rises Up - Updated

From Strata-Sphere:

Major Update: Even the BBC is recognizing the tribal Awakening:

Tribal elders gather in a mammoth meeting place, or jirga hall, to tell us why they support the military offensive.

They accuse the Pakistani Taleban of setting up a parallel state in Bajaur, undermining the traditional tribal leadership. They say they’ve exhausted all attempts at negotiating a peaceful solution to the problem.

Haji Karim Salarzai is a leading elder from the Salarzai tribe.

“These so-called Taleban do not know even 10 verses of the Koran, and they call themselves religious scholars!” he declaims from a towering podium on a stage at the front of the hall.

“They have killed elders of the tribes and innocent people, they are miscreants and they are receiving aid from the foreign countries. They are creating an atmosphere of disturbance which has affected the life of the general public in the area.”

The anger is leading to action: in a chaotic market place nearby we meet members of the Salarzai militia, armed with rifles, machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. They vow to defend their land not only against the Taleban, but any other intruder.

And I want to ad one more update from the link below:

Many of the men at the jirga came with machine guns, some dating back to the 1980s Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The meeting was a reaction to a scare a few days earlier, when a group of Taliban tried to seize a local school and take 300 children hostage. Without waiting for the authorities to act, tribesmen successfully tackled the assailants.

The pattern is still the same as in Iraq. The violent, blood-thirsty nature of the Islamo Fascists in their efforts to control the locals is, in the end, their undoing. When compared to these animals even the US pf A looks wonderful in comparison - end update.

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My Comment: I have trouble seeing an Iraqi type of awakening happening in Afghanistan .... but in certain parts of Pakistan there is a possibility for success. Let us hope that they get the necessary support from the Pakistan Central Government to continue in their fight.

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