Monday, March 30, 2009

North Korea Missile Test -- News Updates March 31, 2009

Sat Tracks North Korean Missile Build-Up -- The Danger Room

Thanks to satellite imagery firm DigitalGlobe, we not only have the clearest pictures yet of North Korea's about-to-be-launched missile. We've also got an eye-in-the-sky pictorial history of how the Musudan-Ri missile test site has been built up, to prepare for the lift-off. The presentation, completed late last week, shows troops marching in formation around the missile assembly building, vehicles delivering materials to the launch pad -- as well as rennovations and new additions to the missile assembly facility.

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More News On North Korea's Impending Missile Test

Ahead of North Korea’s planned rocket launch, US dispatches destroyers -- Christian Science Monitor
US moves warships into position for North Korean missile -- The Guardian
U.S. destroyers move from South Korean port -- L.A. Times
US, SKorea, Japan coordinate on NKorea launch -- AFP
Anti-missile flotilla sets sail as North Korea readies its 'satellite' -- Scotsman

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