Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amateurs Use Google Earth To Uncover Kim’s Sinister Secrets

Camp 16: Fences and boundaries match accounts by escaped prisoners

From Times Online:

FOR all the billions of dollars worth of surveillance technology directed at North Korea as it breathes fire this weekend, its closed society is so impervious to spying that diplomats in Asia are forced to admit that they might as well rely on Google Earth.

A set of images - “North Korea Uncovered”, released by Curtis Melvin, a keen American amateur - includes a tantalising view of the site where the North Koreans detonated a nuclear device last week that diplomatic sources say may have been based on a Chinese design.

Melvin’s satellite map of the country, collated from Google Earth, reveals palaces, labour camps, mass graves and the entrance to the subterranean test base in the remote northeast of the country.

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My Comment: Kudos to those who work tirelessly to reveal the truth.

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