Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leaders Live In Luxury While North Koreans Starve To Pay For Nuclear Bomb

North Korea Uncovered pin point Kim Jong Il's manicured residence and swimming pool in an area reserved for North Korea's ruling elite

From Times Online:

Satellite images of North Korea have revealed the luxury lifestyle of dictator Kim Jong Il and his inner circle, replete with palaces, golf courses and swimming pools with giant waterslides.

They appear to show that the country's secretive elite, who sparked a fresh nuclear crisis last week by test firing an atomic device, live in circumstances more appropriate to residents of Beverley Hills than leaders of the world's last Stalinist state.

The privileges of Pyongyang's select few are unheard of for most ordinary citizens in North Korea, whose government's disastrous economic polices have left millions reliant on foriegn food aid handouts.

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My Comment: Saddam Hussein had the same deal going .... but many in the West opposed the invasion that had him over thrown. In fact .... Saddam Hussein's palaces were many and bigger.

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