Sunday, May 31, 2009

World News Briefs -- May 31, 2009

A Pakistani Soldier On Patrol In The Swat Valley's Main Town Of Mingora Photo: EPA

Pakistan Makes Progress In Battle To Defeat Taliban In Swat Valley -- The Telegraph

Pakistan heralded a decisive victory over the Taliban in the Swat valley within days as the army announced it had taken control of the main town of Mingora.

A senior government official said the offensive to wrest control of Swat from the Taliban would end in two or three days but a military spokesman warned the challenge of securing the area from Taliban infiltration would last for a time.

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Shootout between Palestinian police, Hamas kills 6.

Israel begins its biggest civil defense drill.

Three hanged for mosque bombing in Iran.

Freed journalist Roxana Saberi tells of fearful jail time in Iran.

Hizbullah raises alert ahead of drill.

Egypt: Iran less important than peace process.


Pakistan city centre 'destroyed'.

Web-savvy & cynical: China's youth since Tiananmen.

Sri Lanka rules out outside probe. U.N. is pressed to report Sri Lanka toll.

Burmese activist's health is a concern.

Pakistani on US list of drug barons.

China's contribution to UN Peacekeeping grows.


Darfuri women report ominous pattern of rape.

Zimbabwe PM party says central bank chief must go.

African leaders want transparent Mauritania vote.

IMF approves $200 million loan for Kenya.

Sudan buries ex-president who imposed Islamic rule.

UN team meets Chad child soldiers.


Police detain would-be anti-Putin protesters.

Paris gunman makes off with millions in jewels.

Rebel Georgian region holds election, tension builds.

Last Titanic survivor dies at 97.


Chávez seeks tighter grip on military.

Venezuela's Chavez shifts gears in leftist revolution.

Missile buildup has U.S. on edge.

What you'll need to satisfy new U.S. identification requirements.

Mexico drug traffickers corrupt politics.

Cuba accepts US migration talks.


Homeland Security to scan fingerprints of travelers exiting the US.

Italian Minister says EU should decide unanimously on Gitmo inmates.

Australia considers resettling Gitmo detainees.

Terrorist flees to Lebanon, FBI confirms.


World Bank President Zoellick warns stimulus ‘sugar high’ won’t stem unemployment.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner's China trip comes at difficult time.

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