Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red Cross Marks Battle Anniversary

The battle at Solferino left 40,000 men dead or dying

From BBC:

The Red Cross is marking the 150th anniversary of the battle which inspired Henri Dunant to found the world's best known humanitarian movement.

At the end of June 1859, the armies of France and Sardinia, led by Napoleon III, confronted the Austrians at Solferino in northern Italy.

Henri Dunant, a Geneva businessman, happened to be passing, and witnessed the battle.

Horrified by what he saw, he documented the slaughter in his book, A Memory of Solferino.

"Here is a hand-to-hand struggle in all its horror and frightfulness," he wrote.

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My Comment: I never knew that the Red Cross was that old. The Wikipedia entry is a good place to get some background information, and that link is HERE.


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