Tuesday, June 30, 2009

StratCom Plows Ahead on Cyber

From DoD Buzz:

You are the commander of Strategic Command, charged with coming up with an implementation plan for the new cyber command within 60 days. But there’s going to be a new head of cyber command, a four-star just like you, and Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander has the Big Mo on his side. And Alexander is known as an almost crazily foxy guy who has rebuilt the NSA and will be largely dependent on folks from NSA for most of his capabilities. Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton is known as one of the brainiest generals around. Hmmm. Who’s going to win this bureaucratic game will be great fun to watch.

For some idea of just what may lie ahead, have a look at this April 7 speech by Chilton, which has been quoted by the two cyber warriors with whom I speak. This is not about improving the country’s IT capabilities in terms of efficiency and information sharing. This is about life and death on the battlefield.

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My Comment: Call me naive .... but I always like to believe that different organizations can work together, and be happy while doing it. It seems that in this new cyber command organization, peace and quiet will be two words that will not be used to often.

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