Friday, July 31, 2009

Commentaries, Opinions, And Editorials -- July 31, 2009

On patrol: Royal Marine Commandos south of their base at Kajaki Dam in Helmand Province, Southern Afghanistan.

Unreliable Friends in Afghanistan - Max Hastings, Financial Times

The British and American peoples perceive Afghanistan overwhelmingly in terms of their own body bags. There are good grounds for anger about under-resourcing of the campaign. But losses are the price of any war. British deaths over eight years remain fewer than those incurred in six weeks of the Falklands conflict, while US theatre casualties are a tiny fraction of Vietnam’s.

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Nigeria clashes bode ill for west Africa -- Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

The Palestinian Donor State -- Rick Richman, Commentary Magazine

Peace with Pakistan at Any Price?
-- Kanwal Sibal, Times of India

Japan Reaches Crossroads -- Tom Plate, Japan Times

Don't Panic over Beijing's Tehran Temptation -- Erica Downs, Foreign Policy

Now China Has a Credit Boom -- Paul Cavey, Wall Street Journal

Understanding the Weight of China -- Christopher Badeaux, The New Ledger

The G-2's First Official Meeting -- Gordon Chang, Forbes

Russia's Blackmail and Blackout -- Alexandros Petersen, Washington Times

Containing Russian Ambition in Europe -- Andre Glucksmann, City Journal

Italy Has Problems Beyond Berlusconi -- Geoff Andrews, Financial Times

A Trip Through Silvio's Italy -- Alexander Smoltczyk, Der Spiegel

U.S. and China Step Forward -- Japan Times

Venezuela's Rockets for Terrorists -- Washington Post

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