Friday, July 31, 2009

Is Al Qaeda Rising In Yemen?

Why Yemen Could Become Al Qaeda Haven -- Christian Science Monitor

Four clashes in the past eight days underscore the state's vulnerability. Southern secessionists and northern rebels have weakened the central government.

Sanaa, Yemen - Yemen's vulnerability as a potential militant haven has been underscored by four attacks on security forces in eight days, as the country battles a Shiite rebellion in the north and a secessionist movement in the south.

On Friday, Yemeni troops retaliated against suspected Al Qaeda militants after their truck was ambushed en route to the northeastern city of Maarib, reported Agence France-Presse. A tribal source told the news agency that antiterror troops attacked the militants' hideout, killing a wanted Al Qaeda leader, A'ed Saleh al-Shabwani.

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My Comment: Yemen has been experiencing tribal and religious conflicts for centuries. What is happening now is actually "business as usual". But Al Qaeda thrives in these environments, and one must never forget that Bin Laden's family originated from this part of the world.

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