Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pakistanis To Clinton: War On Terror Is Not Our War

From McClatchy News:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- After three days of encounters with America-bashing Pakistanis -- who rejected her contention that the U.S. and Pakistan face a common enemy -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday that "we're not getting through."

Prominent women and tribesmen from the North West Frontier Province delivered the same hostile message that she'd heard the two preceding days from students and journalists: Pakistanis aren't ready to endorse American friendship despite an eight-year-old anti-terrorism alliance between the countries and a multi-billion-dollar new U.S. aid package.

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My Comment: If the above comments come from what is probably a cross section of Pakistani society, it will then sum up perfectly why Pakistan is now in a middle of a civil war. The denial of the evil that exists within their own society, coupled with a sense that they are the victims, is only helping to propagate a conflict that now shows no signs of abating.

Even if the Americans were not in the region, war and Islamic extremism will still exist in the countryside, the madrases that manufacture and support hate and intolerance will still be there, and the systemic corruption and culture of indifference from the central government with a compliant media will still be present.

In short .... the war on terror is their war, whether they want to deny it or not.

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