Sunday, February 28, 2010

Violent Islamic Groups Within Pakistan Are Now Targeting Their Own Country

Frustrated Strivers In Pakistan Turn To Jihad -- New York Times

LAHORE, Pakistan — Umar Kundi was his parents’ pride, an ambitious young man from a small town who made it to medical school in the big city. It seemed like a story of working-class success, living proof in this unequal society that a telephone operator’s son could become a doctor.

But things went wrong along the way. On campus Mr. Kundi fell in with a hard-line Islamic group. His degree did not get him a job, and he drifted in the urban crush of young people looking for work. His early radicalization helped channel his ambitions in a grander, more sinister way.

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My Comment:
The New York Times uses the example of a medical student and his road to jihad as an illustration of what ails Pakistan, but this example is just the tip of the iceberg. All of Pakistan's Islamic base insurgencies can be traced to the explosive growth and the Islamic radicalization of madrases in Pakistan's educational system. Instead of teaching science, engineering, practical skills and knowledge for the future .... millions are instead taught about Islam, intolerance, jihad, and hatred towards "non-believers" .... all educational skills that have zero value in the real world. With no prospects or future ahead of them .... jihad then becomes the career choice for many of Pakistan's young.

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