Saturday, February 27, 2010

When It Comes To Nuclear Enrichment, What Are The Iranians Thinking?

Another Puzzle in Iran After Nuclear Fuel Is Moved -- New York Times

WASHINGTON — When Iran was caught last September building a secret, underground nuclear enrichment plant at a military base near the city of Qum, the country’s leaders insisted they had no other choice. With its nuclear facilities under constant threat of attack, they said, only a fool would leave them out in the open.

So imagine the surprise of international inspectors almost two weeks ago when they watched as Iran moved nearly its entire stockpile of low-enriched nuclear fuel to an above-ground plant. It was as if, one official noted, a bull’s-eye had been painted on it.

Why take such a huge risk?

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My Comment: When it comes to Iran there is one simple rule that everyone should follow .... do not trust them. Iran has a terrible history in the international arena of diplomacy and respecting the sovereignty of other countries and negotiated agreements. Death to America and threatening the annihilation of Israel in every speech and demonstration tends to get dry after a while ... but they are listed as a state sponsor of terror for a reason and every threat and comment made by the regime in Tehran must be taken seriously. So .... moving their nuclear fuel may be a puzzle to the New York Times .... but trust me .... there is a very blunt reason on why they are doing this ..... it is just that we have not figured it out yet.


Mark said...

well they figured what we all know, that an attack on Iran will bolster the support for their current government.. so they HOPE for a strike... AND if noone strikes, they can a) finish it quicker and cheaper, than underground and b) be in everyone's face

Anonymous said...

As Mark said, if it's underground and attacked - it's buried.

But if it's above ground it actually prevents attack (it will contaminate a vast area downwind).

- Leo