Monday, May 31, 2010

How The Brits Are Combating The IED Threat In Afghanistan

A US marine runs to safety moments after an IED blast in Garmsir district of Helmand province. Photograph: Manpreet Romana/AFP/Getty

Buffaloes, Desert Hawks And Reapers Lead Fight Against The Roadside Killers -- Times Online

BRITISH military commanders decided two years ago that the only way to defend against the Taliban bombing campaign was to go on the offensive.

So they persuaded ministers that improving protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) was vital — prompting them to approve new vehicles and equipment costing £700m in October 2008.

Some of that package has yet to arrive, most notably the Warthog armoured vehicles intended to replace the existing Viking tracked vehicles. The equipment that has arrived ranges from Osprey body armour, which is issued to every soldier serving on the front line, to the giant Buffalo mine-protected clearance vehicle.

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My Comment: It seems that they are throwing everything at them .... including the kitchen sink.

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