Monday, May 31, 2010

Sniper Teams Are Having An Impact In Afghanistan

Photo: A U.S. Marine sniper trains for battle at a Korean base. Photo from Reuters

How To Shoot Someone From A Mile Away -- New York Post

Snipers have become one of America's most effective weapons in the desolation of Afghanistan

If the Taliban fighters had bothered to look up, they would have seen small white nicks on the face of the boulder behind them. Nicholas Ranstad had been using it for target practice.

But they didn't notice. Ranstad could take his time.

It was January of 2008. For months, Ranstad, a 28-year-old Army specialist from Florida, had lived in a small hut 1.28 miles away from the rock with a group of snipers. Part of their mission was to keep an eye on a road crew working in this corner of Kunar province, in northeastern Afghanistan. The Taliban was executing the laborers to discourage any Afghan from cooperating with American-supported construction.

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My Comment: I know that American snipers are good .... but I never realized that they were THAT good.

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