Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Second World War US Bomber Is Found

Diver Sabrina Monella explores the wreck of the B24 Tulsamerican bomber in the Adriatic Sea off Vis Island, Croatia Photo: BARCROFT

Second World War US Bomber Missing For 66 Years Is Found In Adriatic Sea -- The Telegraph

An American man has found after a 27-year-search the wreckage of a Second World War bomber in which his air force pilot cousin was killed.

Gerald Landry, 73, spent the best part of three decades looking for the bomber pilot shot down by the Luftwaffe in December 1944.

Now, in a remarkable discovery, artefacts recovered from the bottom of the Adriatic Sea near Croatia could confirm the death of First Lt Russell Landry.

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My Comment: Talk about family reunions .... finding your cousin after 66 years.

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