Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Were Israeli Commandos Training In The Mountains Of Romania?

Photo: IDF search party near cash site of an IAF helicopter in Romania, July 28, 2010. Photo by: IDF Spokesman

Crashed Israeli Helicopter Drilled Perilous Strikes On Iran-Style Mountain Tunnels -- DEBKAfile

The six airmen who died in a Sikorsky "Yasour" CH-53 helicopter crash over the Romanian Carpathian Mountains Monday, July 26, were flown home Friday, July 30, for burial with full military honors.

The Israeli Air Force had been drilling high-risk attacks on precipitous cliff caves similar to the mountain tunnels in which Iran has hidden nuclear facilities. The crash occurred in the last stage of a joint Israeli-US-Romanian exercise for simulating an attack on Iran. Aboard the helicopter were six Israeli airmen and a Romanian flight captain.

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My Comment: An interesting hypothesis .... but absent any official announcement .... this is just a guess.

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