Saturday, July 31, 2010

Talk About Ironies. Detained Americans In Iran Are No Fans Of Israel

Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd, and Josh Fattal (L-R)

In Ironic Twist, Iran Detained US Hikers Critical Of Israel And America -- Christian Science Monitor

Just before Iran arrested three US hikers a year ago Saturday, one of them РShane Bauer Рhad nearly finished an expos̩ on Israeli military aggression.

Just before Iran arrested US hikers Shane Bauer and his friends a year ago, he was nearly finished with an exposé on the Israeli army's use of illegal weapons against protesters.

“He would have published it long ago if he had not been arrested," says his friend Shon Meckfessel. "You would say the Iranians are standing in the way.”

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My Comment: As an outsider I am always amazed on how (some) Americans find it is very easy to criticize their country .... but when in trouble (and these activists are in trouble), they always come rushing back home for help.

As for these activists, I would not call their situation an ironic twist .... I would call it a reality fix on what the Middle East is really like .... especially if you are a prisoner on the other side.

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