Saturday, July 31, 2010

Video From The Russian Arms Expo

A Russian Tank ballet, choreographed by Andrei Melanyin, head of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia.

Tank Ballet, Paratroopers And Combat Dogs: Live Video From The Russian Arms Expo -- Popular Mechanics

At the Russian Arms Expo in Zhukovsky, the opening day ceremony belies its military focus and mass-market entertainment value with a full choreographed tank ballet, paratroopers, weapons, fires, and attack dogs. Check out the videos below for more.

It's hard to look away when a 45-ton tank takes a 4-foot jump. And as it lands, more than 15 feet away from where it took off, you feel the force of the impact migrate through the metal bleachers into your feet, legs and gut.

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My Comment:
I had the experience of standing beside an entire column of T-80 tanks in the bombing of the Russian White House in 1993. The power of these tanks cannot be underestimated, and while these two videos are impressive, they by no means convey the sheer power of what these war machines are capable of.

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