Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preemptive Strikes Will Be A Part Of U.S. Cyber-Defense Strategy

Pentagon Considers Preemptive Strikes As Part Of Cyber-Defense Strategy -- Washington Post

The Pentagon is contemplating an aggressive approach to defending its computer systems that includes preemptive actions such as knocking out parts of an adversary's computer network overseas - but it is still wrestling with how to pursue the strategy legally.

The department is developing a range of weapons capabilities, including tools that would allow "attack and exploitation of adversary information systems" and that can "deceive, deny, disrupt, degrade and destroy" information and information systems, according to Defense Department budget documents.

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My Comment:
I expect that "legal" approval for such an action will only happen when a cyber-attack against an important American computer network is successful, and the financial costs from such a successful attack will (in the end) spur legislators to action.

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