Tuesday, August 31, 2010

With U.S. Combat Forces Leaving Iraq, Major Iraqi Arms Purchases Are Now In The Pipeline

Iraq To Spend $13B On U.S. Arms, Equipment -- USA Today

BAGHDAD — Iraq is preparing to buy as much as $13 billion in U.S. arms and military equipment, a huge arms order of tanks, armored vehicles and ships that American officials say shows Iraqi-U.S. military ties will be tight for years to come.

"It helps to build their capablities, first and foremost, and second it builds our strategic relationship for the future," said Army Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero, the ranking U.S. officer responsible for training and advising Iraq forces.

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My Comment
: Everyone that I know who studies the arms industry looks at this Iraqi arms purchase as the tip of a very large iceberg .... especially when high priced items like fighter aircraft and missile systems are offered .... and eventually purchased .... in the years to come.

If there is an area of concern, it will be the problem of theft and corruption.