Tuesday, August 31, 2010

President Obama Declares An End To U.S. Iraq Combat

Obama Declares End to U.S. Iraq Combat -- New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Obama formally declared an end to the combat mission in Iraq Tuesday night, telling the nation that, after seven years of war that claimed more than 4,400 American lives, it is ‘’time to turn the page’’ toward another war, Afghanistan, and toward pressing problems at home.

In an address from the Oval Office – only his second as president – Mr. Obama reminded Americans that, in giving responsibility for Iraqi security to the Iraqis, he was fulfilling a promise he made while running for office. He conceded that Americans are ‘’understandably asking tough questions’’ about Afghanistan, but urged the nation to stick with him on that war.

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Aurangzeb said...

In Iraq war, there was no victory! This was a war against the weapons of mass destruction which were never found. And apparently it was to distract people from a lot of policies that gw bush was making and wanting to hide, and as a consequence, us is at the virge of disaster today. Obama, is a good man to end this war. I hope there is more peace in the incoming days! A'meen!