Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Does U.S. Intelligence Get Their Intelligence?

Army Intelligence Buys Intelligence Like Netflix? -- Washington Post

Everyone knows that the U.S. government collects and produces intelligence, using information from sensitive Tippy Top Secret sources to the lowliest "open source" material found readily on the Internet. When it comes to translations and unique databases -- from the scientific to the most intrusive personal information -- the intelligence community also has virtual carte blanche to tap the expertise of the private sector.

But how about Army intelligence, and not some unclassified library or open source entity, but an organization that itself works at all classification levels, buying commercial unclassified and regurgitated information? Information that Army intelligence itself -- or a myriad of other government agencies -- not only produces on its own, but that is readily available? Like a robot stuck walking into a wall because it cannot stop or no one has turned off the switch, this is exactly what's happening.

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My Comment: This is nothing new to me. When I check the IP addresses for some of the readers of this blog, I often find numerous readers from the military, Washington DC government departments, locations like Langley .... and that is all in the U.S. My foreign readers are even more interesting, coming from locations and government departments that clearly indicates a military/government/intelligence connection.

I guess they like my Day By Day cartoon on the left side of this blog.


Chris Muir said...

They scopin' ya!

War News Updates Editor said...

Thanks Chris for your comment .... and thanks for the cartoons that you produce everyday.