Saturday, October 30, 2010

French Carrier Charles De Gaulle Is No Longer Seaworthy

May 16, 2001: The USS Enterprise CVN-65 and the Charles de Gaulle R-91 in the Mediterranean Sea. Photo from Maritime Quest

Sinking Fast: French Aircraft Carrier Set To Defend Britain Breaks Down -- The Daily Mail

The French aircraft carrier which is set to play a key role in defending Britain over the next decade has broken down.

As President Nicolas Sarkozy prepares to use a London summit this week to announce that RAF jets will fly from the carrier Charles de Gaulle, his naval chiefs have told him that she is no longer seaworthy.

‘She is meant to be heading to Afghanistan but is instead in her home port with a faulty propulsion system,’ said a French Navy source.

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My Comment: So much for the French navy being a factor in any future naval requirement or engagement.

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