Saturday, October 30, 2010

Will Saudi Intervention Break Iraq's Political Deadlock

Saudi King Offers Talks To Break Iraq Deadlock -- BBC

Saudi Arabia's king has invited the leaders of Iraq's political blocs for talks in Riyadh aimed at breaking the deadlock over forming a new government.

King Abdullah suggested they meet after the Hajj pilgrimage in November.

A Sunni-backed bloc led by Iyad Allawi edged PM Nouri Maliki's Shia alliance in elections in March.

But neither bloc has been able to form a coalition and Iraq now holds the world record for the longest time without a government.

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More On Saudi Arabia's Involvement In Resolving Iraq's Political Crisis

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My Comment: In the past 8 months everything else has been tried .... so might as well try this.

Update: Iraq's Shi'ite politicians turn down Saudi offer -- Reuters

2nd Comment: The Sunni - Shiite split on full display.

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