Saturday, October 30, 2010

White House Offer To Station A U.S. Aircraft Carrier Off The British Coast During The London Olympics Has Been Rejected

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Offer: The White House Wants To Send A U.S. Aircraft Carrier To Be Stationed Off The British Coast And Boost Security During The London Olympics

U.S. Wants Own Aircraft Carrier In The Thames Estuary During Olympics -- The Daily Mail

The White House has offered to send a U.S. aircraft carrier to be stationed off the British coast and boost security during the London Olympics, Ministry of Defence sources claimed last night.

The suggestion is said to have been rejected by No10 because it would make the UK look ‘weak’. And last night Downing Street was silent on the claim.

But a well-placed source, with knowledge of international discussions about security for the 2012 Games, said the MoD had been offered a U.S. carrier, based in the Thames Estuary, to help defend the skies over London and eavesdrop on any terrorist ‘chatter’.

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My Comment: British pride is on full display .... but if something goes terribly wrong, there will be hell to pay politically if the presence of such a vessel would have made a difference.

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