Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Afghanistan War News Updates -- November 30, 2010

Pvt. Edwin Laplaunt, 19, probes for a mine in the Arghandab District of Kandahar Province. The troops can never be sure who is laying the traps or aiding the Taliban. Joao Silva for The New York Times

Hoping To Avoid Bombs And Win Afghan Minds -- New York Times

DEH-E KUCHAY, Afghanistan — For the American soldiers charged with bringing security to southern Afghanistan, heavily mined villages like this one are a most dangerous challenge.

Patrolling alongside Afghan soldiers and police officers, they scale 10-foot walls to avoid going through gateways, where insurgents are more likely to place booby traps. They cut through cornfields and pomegranate orchards instead of taking the paths, for the same reason.

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More News On Afghanistan

9 Afghan guards kidnapped in Kabul province -- Washington Post
Gunmen Take 9 Hostages in Afghanistan Attack -- Voice of America
Nine Afghan security guards kidnapped -- AFP
Gunmen Kidnap 9 Guards In Afghanistan -- Radio Free Europe

'Policeman' kills six NATO troops in Afghanistan -- Yahoo News/AFP
Afghan policeman kills six U.S. troops -- Washington Post
Afghan policeman kills six Nato soldiers -- Financial Times
6 Americans killed by gunman in Afghanistan -- CNN
6 U.S. soliders in Afghanistan killed by turncoat Afghan Border Police officer -- New York Daily News

WikiLeaks fallout reveals more cracks in Afghan war strategy -- Christian Science Monitor
Afghanistan reacts mildly to scathing criticisms revealed by WikiLeaks -- L.A. Times
WikiLeaks: Karzai pardoned drug dealers -- AP
Karzai 'freed connected suspects' -- Press Association
Karzai's brother 'corrupt drugs baron' US says: WikiLeaks -- AFP
WikiLeaks: Karzai's brother denies drug dealing, remembers Chicago -- CNN
Karzai pardons criminals: WikiLeaks -- AFP
WikiLeaks' Afghan Revelations: Way Too Familiar -- Time Magazine
Kabul says US relations unaffected by diplomatic leaks -- AFP

DoD: 2011 'Not The End' In Afghanistan For U.S. -- Defense News
Canada slammed for Afghan child prisoner handover -- Reuters
US Army takes on Taliban with 'smart' bullets -- Tech World
Taliban Imposter: The U.S. Doesn't Know Its Enemy -- Robert Baer, Time Magazine

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