Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crisis On The Korean Peninsula -- News Roundup November 30, 2010

US, Japan, South Korea To Meet Soon Over Crisis -- CNN

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- Government ministers from the United States, Japan and South Korea will sit down in Washington early next month to grapple with the tensions in the Koreas, South Korea's Foreign Affairs Ministry said Tuesday.

The ministry did not provide further details about the date of the meeting, but it comes as China continues to call for an emergency meeting of the six major powers involved in talks about the Korean peninsula.

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More News On The Crisis On The Korean Peninsula

U.S. and South Korea Balk at Talks With North -- New York Times
Japan rebuffs China on 6-party N.Korea talks - Kyodo -- Reuters
US and South Korea reject talks with North -- Boston.com
China Urges Dialogue to Resolve Korea Tensions -- Voice of America

N.Korea touts nuclear prowess as China urges talks -- Yahoo News/AFP
North Korea says it has thousands of nuclear centrifuges -- CNN
Now North Korea Boasts Advances In Nuclear Programme -- New York Times/Reuters
North Korea Confirms Uranium Program Amid Tensions Over Shelling -- Bloomberg Businessweek
Analysis: Did smugglers help North Korea's nuclear drive? -- Reuters

US Deploys Carrier Strike Group, US Air Force to Western Pacific
-- Information Dissemination
Japan to send envoy to China for North Korea talks -- Washington Post/AP
North Korea Sends Aide to Beijing as Report Shows China Weighs Unification -- Bloomberg
President Lee declares a 'sense of crisis' -- Korea Times
Denial of "sunshine policy" caused provocation by DPRK: S Korean opposition leader -- Xinhuanet
S. Korean Media Fans Frustration With China -- Wall Street Journal
Attack may close S. Korea's generation gap -- Washington Post
Yeonpyeong attack uniting South Korean public around harsher policy toward North -- Washington Post
Patience with North has run out, warns South Korea -- Vancouver Sun/Daily Telegraph
Analyst View N.Korea's diplomatic gesture and "rational policy" -- Reuters
S. Korea's Fine Line: Talk Tough, Keep Finger Off Trigger -- Time Magazine
Consequences on the Korean Peninsula -- Rep. Ed Royce, The Washington Times
Hitting the North -- Sung-Yoon Lee, L.A. Times

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