Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Does Wikileaks Expose In The Global Arms Trade

AH 64 Apache gunships conduct a live Hellfire missile range. Photo US Army

WikiLeaks: The Must-Have Weapons And The Countries That Want Them -- CNN

Washington (CNN) -- The world's military shopping list is being exposed through the WikiLeaks publications. State-of-the-art missiles and American military helicopters are a frequent topic of discussion in the diplomatic cables posted online Sunday by WikiLeaks.

The documents show a keen interest in what weaponry Iran has and how to defend against it.

One cable found that the United States' planned missile defense system gives the public in Europe "a false sense of security."

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My Comment: Wikileaks has released an an enormous amount of information on what weapon systems governments are looking for (at least this is what the diplomats have been told). Not surprisingly, the hottest product that governments and their arm forces want right now are drones, with Russia even pressuring Israel to get some of their drone fleet. Expect more revelations to come forward as more time is given for reporters (and bloggers like myself) to read the details within many of these cables.

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