Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks: US Special Forces Are Working In Pakistan

WikiLeaks Cables: US Special Forces Working Inside Pakistan -- The Guardian

US embassy cables reveal elite American troops secretly embedded with Pakistan military to hunt down militants.

Small teams of US special forces soldiers have been secretly embedded with Pakistani military forces in the tribal belt, helping to hunt down Taliban and al-Qaida fighters and co-ordinate drone strikes, the embassy cables reveal.

The numbers involved are small – just 16 soldiers in October 2009 – but the deployment is of immense political significance, described in a cable that provides an unprecedented glimpse into covert American operations in the world's most violent al-Qaida hotbed.

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My Comment: So much for U.S. denials that their ground forces are in Pakistan. This is also explosive for the Pakistani government, in that they have always denied the presence of these forces.

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