Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Editor's Note

Update 10:45 EST Thursday: Thanks for your comments. I feel much better now, but this has been one rough bout of the flu. In fact .... the last time I felt like this was when I had the measles 25 years ago .... and that was rough. I should start posting later today.

For the past two weeks I have been fighting a bad case of the flu. It seems that work, blogging, and the flu has caught up to me in a big and bad way. I am presently waaayyyyyyy under the weather, and I going to stay in bed until this is over.

I will be posting a story or two during the day .... there is only so much sleep that I can have in one day, and I do need to post a story or two just to keep busy. But for now .... my apologies for the lack of blogging, I should get back to normal soon.


Mark said...

get better soon! =)

XBradTC said...

I'll second Mark's sentiments. Take care of yourself.

oldfatslow said...

The day isn't complete
without numerous checks
of WNU. Get well soon.


Unknown said...

I check your blog 10 times daily, get better soon, there are no other source out there like you! so get better.

Unknown said...

Feel better! From one of your long-time reader.

haim357 said...