Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Somali Piracy Problem Is Getting Worse

Somali Pirates More Dangerous Than Ever -- Globe And Mail

It’s been another lucrative week for the barefoot buccaneers of Somalia. First they collected a $5.5-million ransom payment for a German-owned chemical tanker. Then, a day later, they hijacked another European cargo vessel, adding its eight crew members to their growing hoard of hostages.

This latest haul of ocean booty is fresh evidence that the world’s navies are facing failure in their massive campaign to defeat the Somali pirates. Despite years of efforts by the naval forces of Canada and dozens of other countries, the pirates are more dangerous than ever.

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Update: FACTBOX: Ships held by Somali pirates -- ABS/CBN - Reuters

My Comment: When Somali pirates are being paid ransoms of $5.5 million to do this type of work .... with very little risk to them .... you are only encouraging more piracy and violence.

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