Wednesday, December 29, 2010

George Clooney And The Start-Up Phase Of The Satellite Sentinel Project

George Clooney Launches Satellite Monitoring System In Sudan -- The Telegraph

A group founded by American actor George Clooney is teaming up with Google, a U.N. agency and anti-genocide organisations to launch satellite surveillance of the border between north and south Sudan.

The aim is to try to prevent a new civil war after the south votes in a secession referendum next month

Organisers said on Wednesday that Clooney's Not On Our Watch is funding the start-up phase Satellite Sentinel Project that will collect real-time satellite imagery from Sudan and combine it with field analysis from the Enough Project and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

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My Comment: Kudos to George Clooney. He is putting his money up front.

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Simon Stone said...

Why do the Hollywood guys spend their money on mostly African projects, and adopt African children? Aren´t there enough poor in the US? Why the PROFILING?